Side by Side is by your side, providing ultimate peace of mind with access to the UK’s top legal professionals specialising in firearms law. Side by Side is more than a policy; it’s empowerment and the knowledge that you will be supported by the best legal counsel in the UK when you need it most.

All for just £27.50 Per Annum including IPT

Did you know that your public liability insurance policy from your membership organisation does not cover legal expenses?
Side by Side covers legal costs incurred while ensuring you are represented in cases relating to shotgun and firearms certification revocation or refusal cases and some related offences. Side by Side cover means you have the best support possible when you need it most.

Many Police forces have taken an increasingly rigorous approach to firearms and shotgun licensing in recent years, resulting in revocation and refusal of certificates for both game and competition shooters. With a growing number of certificate holders requiring specialist legal advice and representation, Side by Side has the UK’s leading experts in firearms law to support policyholders.


Certificate Protected

In the event a shotgun or firearms certificate is refused, revoked or not renewed, Side by Side insurance covers up to £250,000 of legal costs including costs to defend certain criminal offences and bringing licensing appeals.

Legal expenses Cover

Legal expenses can start in a simple firearms cases at £10,000 and can escalate for more complex cases to more than £100,000. Side by Side provides you with access to the UK’s best legal professionals to give you the best possible chance of recovering your certificate.

Peace of mind

Side By Side policy holders enjoy ultimate peace of mind knowing if the police interfere unreasonably with the enjoyment of your sport, you will be in a position to defend yourself whatever your financial situation or expertise.

What does the Side by Side policy cover?

    • Refusal to renew your shotgun or firearm certificate;
    • Revocation of or refusal to vary your firearm certificate;
    • Partial revocation of your firearm certificate;
    • Revocation of your shotgun certificate;
    • Imposition of conditions upon your firearms certificate and/or the refusal to vary conditions imposed on your firearm certificate.

Costs to defend an investigation and criminal legal action taken against you in relation to:

    • Possession of a firearm or shotgun without a certificate;
    • Breach of exemptions contained in Firearms Legislation;
    • The possession of an air rifle, shotgun or firearm in circumstances alleged to be contrary to an exemption contained in Firearms Legislation.
Wide range of circumstances
Your legal expenses are not only covered in relation to revocation of your shotgun or firearms certificate or police refusal to renew it, but also if your certificate is seized by or surrendered to the police while the police conduct a review of your suitability to remain a certificate holder. This means if the police take an unreasonable amount of time to reach a decision about whether or not to give your certificate back, you will be offered support from the UK’s best legal professionals in recovering your certificate, at no cost to yourself.
Legal Costs
In addition to certificate revocation or suspension, the policy will also cover your legal costs if you are facing prosecution for certain criminal offences.
Amount of cover
The policy covers your legal expenses up to £250,000 per claim (£500 excess), which will be ample to cover defence in criminal proceedings in even the most complex of licensing appeals.

*Side by Side cannot cover legal expenses where action taken by police is entirely justified in light of a policyholders behaviour, and therefore, there are no reasonable grounds of a successful appeal.

For further details of the policy, including conditions and exclusions, please read the Policy Summary. You will be presented with a full policy wording during the quotation process. You should take the time to review in detail to ensure that the policy is suitable for your needs




Legal expenses cover


Cost per annum including IPT


Month policy


Police were called following the discovery of a man on a car park with a suspected gunshot wound. At or around the time our clients had both been carrying out vermin control on land close to where the man was found. Police arrested and detained for interview both clients on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

Both of our client’s homes were searched resulting in further interviews to deal with allegations relating to ammunition and storage. The client’s weapons and ammunition were seized and the SGC’s and FAC’s revoked.

It was established that the round of ammunition recovered from the injured party could not be matched to the rifle used by our clients on the evening. Using text message and telephone data we were subsequently able to establish that our clients had in fact been shooting over a piece of land some two miles away at the time of the injury. We were also able to obtain evidence from landowners in the vicinity of regular sightings of unauthorised shooters on various parcels of land close by. Our handling of the matter saw that no criminal proceedings were taken against either of our clients and saw to the return of their certificates before an appeal hearing was necessary.

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Blackmore Borley is a Lloyd’s insurance broker created by Peter Blackmore and the late Roger Borley in 1997. We continue to take pride in offering a bespoke insurance broking service of the highest quality and creating insurance products that facilitate the peace of mind of both the individual and companies. Side by Side is another example of how we have utilized an insurance product to facilitate the peace of mind our clients!

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